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MOBILE CONTROL - full remote control for your batch plant

Now you can take control of your plant from the production floor, the yard, the office – anywhere within the range of your tablet’s WiFi signal. Everything you can do on your control system, you can do on your mobile control. Choose a formula; start a batch; correct batching errors; solve holdups; signal your mixer to fill your bucket, hopper or truck; even view batch reports on the run. Mobile Control gives you full control.  Free your batch operator; let him check on progress of your crews, schedule production and deliveries, make the adjustments that improve quality, save time and money and make everyone’s life easier. Your bottom line looks better and your team is more satisfied.

Mobile Control is a ruggedized tablet computer that mirrors your BatchTron screen through a WiFi link from a wireless router.

After the BatchTron control system, it's the best investment we have made.  No need for anyone to be in the control room;  we do everything from the tablet, making the whole operation more efficient.   Pete Schmitt, General manager, Lindsay Precast, Rock Hill SC, July 2015


The Mobile-Control tablet connects by WiFi link to a computer on the plant network running BatchLink software with Remote Plant Control
From BatchTron through wireless router to your Mobile Control