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MICROMIX - the simple to use, low cost moisture controller

Accurate and economical. Everyone knows that microwave is the only way to go.

Combine a rugged microwave sensor with the power of BatchTron and what do you get?  A major saving over competitive systems, while maintaining top performance.  If your business is dry cast concrete - precast, block or pavers - MicroMix will give you the control that you need; consistent quality that doesn't cost a fortune.

Fast Micromix

We now have a FAST version of MicroMix that gives the same short mixing cycles as MasterMix and is easier to set up.  This system requires a water meter, so is a little more costly than true MicroMix but it is as good a choice for certain applications.  Note that it will not handle wet cast (slump) concrete (except for some types of SCC, see above).  However, when both types of concrete are made in the one mixer, the MicroMix system can be bypassed when batching wet cast, speeding up the operation further by using metered water.

Fast Micromix bypasses the slow pre-wet cycle by feeding the initial quantity of water at high speed through a meter, followed by the normal slow final wet to give an accurate cutoff when the target value is reached.  This doesn't sound revolutionary - many people have done the same thing in the past - but the problem is gauging how much initial water to add.  Since the process is controlled by a smart controller, the final wet water volume and feed time can be measured and used to correct the initial water amount as well as to optimize the final wet cycle.  The end result is a mixing time that is equal to the MasterMix cycle without the need for time consuming calibration of the moisture sensor.

The difference between MasterMix and MICROMIX

MasterMix is for fast, high production plants where the mixer never takes a break. It allows more pours per hour because of its fast operation.  It is equally suitable for both wet and dry cast concrete.
MicroMix is for the slow to medium production plant where longer mixing cycles will not slow down production. It is a simpler system which costs less. It is suitable only for dry cast concrete., but concrete with low water/cement ratio, such as some types of SCC, can be made successfully with MicroMix and Fast MicroMix.

Why do we have both MicroMix and AQUACONTROL?

Mixtron is a stand-alone water dosing system for use with separate batching controllers.  It can be used with BatchTron but is more expensive than MasterMix, which is built into the BatchTron system.  Like MasterMix, MixTron is for fast, high production plants. MicroMix is for the slow to medium production plant where longer mixing cycles will not slow down production. The simpler system uses less parts, is easier to set up and costs less to manufacture.

With MicroMix and a well adjusted mixer, you will make better product, saving money and increasing profit.

The cost

MicroMix includes the sensor, valves, input unit for the BatchTron computer and special software.Because it does not require large, expensive water valves or a volumetric water meter, and runs on BatchTron's computer instead of a separate controller, it costs less than other microwave systems.  Call us or use our Quick Contact form above for prices and more details.