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MASTERMIX - fast & flexible moisture control for concrete mixers

Combine a rugged microwave moisture sensor with the power of BatchTron plus some advanced software and what do you get? A major saving over competitive systems while maintaining top performance and BatchTron's solid reliability. When you need really accurate control of slump for wet cast or moisture for dry cast, MasterMix will give you fantastic performance; speed and accuracy second to none.

The difference between MasterMix and MICROMIX

MasterMix and Fast MicroMix are for fast, high production plants where the mixer never takes a break. It allows more pours per hour because of its fast operation.  It is equally suitable for both wet and dry cast concrete.
MicroMix is for the slow to medium production plant where the mixer waits between batches and longer mixing cycles will not slow down production. It is a simpler system which costs less. It is suitable only for dry cast concrete.

With MasterMix or Fast MicroMix and a well adjusted mixer, you will make better product at higher speed, saving money and increasing profit.

Why do we have both MasterMix and AQUACONTROL?

AquaControl is a stand-alone water dosing system for use with separate batching controllers.  It can be used with BatchTron but is more expensive than MasterMix, which is built into the BatchTron system.  Both are identical in performance, however, giving you the same tremendous speed and accuracy. 

The cost

MasterMix includes the sensor, valves, water meter, input unit for the BatchTron computer and special software.  Because it runs on BatchTron's computer instead of a separate controller, it costs less than other microwave systems but gives phenomenal performance. Call us or use our Quick Contact form above for prices and more details.