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BATCH DEMAND STATIONS - order your batches from the floor

The BatchTron batching controllers are designed for unattended operation; mix can be ordered from one or more DEMAND STATIONS located throughout the plant, usually next to casting stations or bucket filling positions, saving precious time by putting the controls where they are needed. They allow the delivery of a pre-chosen mix design and batch size whenever the holding bin is empty or a bucket is placed for filling. Optional BATCH SIZE switches can change the amount delivered to meet changing production needs, eliminating the need to go to the control pane. RADIO CALL allows crane operators and roving personnel to order ahead when meeting heavy production requirements in wet cast operations. All DEMAND STATIONS and MIXER CLEANOUT STATIONS are available in regular and ruggedized versions; the ruggedized version encloses all switches and controls behind a hinged transparent cover for protection from the splashes, dust and dirt that stop other systems from working.

All demand stations

Stations for dry-cast concrete

AUTO/HOLD/CALL - controls the output from the bin low probe. In AUTO mode, batches are requested when the bin low signal is received. In HOLD mode, no batch will be requested or, if the batch is already in process, the batch will be held prior to discharge into the holding bin; this is useful for temporary halts in production. In CALL mode, batches will be requested even though the bin level is not low. This allows a station to accelerate occasional batches to speed production of large castings. BIN LOW lamp - illuminates when the bin low probe is uncovered. BIN LOW probe - electrically senses presence of mix in the bin. The probe has no moving parts and does not allow buildup of material on its surface, making it reliable and maintenance free. Its sensing level is adjustable.  Bin probe brochure.

Stations for wet-cast concrete, using bucket transportation

BUCKET IN PLACE button - Used to indicate presence of a bucket at the discharge position; illuminates when pressed and requests a batch. Alternatively, an external ultrasonic sensor can sense presence of the bucket and request a batch automatically. Batch is discharged into bucket as soon as mixing is complete, provided bucket is in place.

BUCKET READY lamp (in Bucket in Place button) - illuminates when BUCKET IN PLACE button is pressed, extinguishes when mixer discharges into bucket and locks out further discharges, preventing a second batch being dumped on top of the first.  Second press on button extinguishes lamp.

BATCH CALL button - illuminates and directly requests a batch when pressed, regardless of whether the bucket is ready. This button is often not provided, since impatient operators are inclined to call for batches before the bucket is free, causing the mix to be held too long in the mixer. It is available on request, however.

Mixer manual control (cleanout) stations

Installed next to mixers, manual control stations allow local control of mixer functions and lock out automatic operation during cleaning and maintenance, eliminating the need to go to the control panel. Controls include mixer motor, hydraulic pump, discharge open/close, scale discharge open/close as well as other functions when appropriate.  See also Mixer Washout Systems.

Optional extras

MULTIPLE CALL lighted pushbuttons – allows two or more different demands (formula number and batch size) to be called.  This in turn allows any combination of the same or different formulas and batch sizes to be selected for operations which use different form sizes and make different products, adding to the flexibility of the batching system.  Recommended for wet-cast operations.  Use separate call for each job or casting crew.

FORMULA SELECT switch – similar to above but takes less space.  However, there is no indication of which demand is in process other than current switch position. 

BATCH SIZE selector switch - allows up to 15 different batch sizes to be selected directly from the demand station. Batch sizes can meet the needs of different forms or can be used to top off the last form of the day's run. This option can be fitted to any or all of the demand stations. Alternatively, 3 digit switch allows any size to be set up directly in cu. yds or cu. meters.

MOISTURE or SLUMP four digit entry switch allows moisture or slump meter values to be entered directly at the demand station.

TOUCH SCREEN numeric entry station – includes any type and quantity of entry areas, display areas and controls for local display and control of devices.  Can be used for demand entry, traveling hopper control, alarm display, parameter adjustment (such as moisture etc.), local control of mixer operation and discharge, etc.

RADIO CALL – especially useful for wet-cast operations, allows roving foreman to order concrete for up to 4 demands, directly from holster-style transmitter.  Radio Call