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CRANEWEIGH specifications

Bridge crane capacity and stress: All crane capacities can be measured.  The limitation is the stress in the support structure.  Acceptable stress is in the range 1500 to 15,000 lb per sqaure inch.
Crane support structure, material type: Structural carbon steel.  Other materials (concrete etc.) cannot be used.
Number of sensors: 2 sensors normally required, on opposite crane support columns.
Display type, basic model: Digital weight indicator, as used on commercial scales.
Display accuracy and resolution: Accuracy of weight indicator 0.1%.
Overall system accuracy: Dependent on structure being measured.  Typically 1% of full scale value. 
Optional printer output: RS232 connection to operate a serial printer or computer connection.
Power: 110-250V AC, 50 W max.
Temperature range: Sensors: -40 to +70C (-40 to +160F).  Display: 0-50C (32-120F).
Indicator construction: ABS plastic, chemical resistant, NEMA-4X.
Indicator size: 10" wide x 3" deep x 4" high.
Certifications:  CE, UL and CUL.  Indicator is NTEP approved but system is not Legal For Trade


Download Stress Calculator Excel file.   For number of legs, enter "2".  If columns are tapered, use measurement where sensors are installed, 5 to 8 ft from ground.