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CraneWeigh - the bridge crane weighing system that you can install yourself

Now you can weigh each item as it is loaded onto your truck . . while it is supported by your overhead crane! CraneWeigh is a simple and foolproof way to verify your truck loading and ensure you meet maximum load limits. No lost time to visit a local truck scale, and the cost is lower than most hook-based crane scales. Just pick up your load and run the crane directly over the gauged support columns; the indicator shows the weight of the piece, regardless of the position of the trolley and hook on the bridge.

Weighs the whole crane - but displays just its load 

CraneWeigh indicator displays weight of any item supported by the bridge crane
  • CraneWeigh measures the stress in two crane support columns and when the crane is positioned over them, the crane and its load can be weighed.  It only works on steel - concrete columns cannot be meaasured. 
  • If the columns also support the roof structure, it is still possible to get good weight readings.
  • You need adequate stress in the columns - contact us for details.
  • Install and calibrate the system yourself.  We deliver a kit with complete instructions. All necessary cables are provided and are colour coded.
  • Calibration is straightforward, using a known piece weight as reference.  Or call your local scale company  and use their weights.
  • Alternatively, we have trained installation experts at various US and Canadian locations - contact us for details.
  • Not a Legal For Trade scale;  accuracy is adequate for loading weight estimation but cannot be used as the basis of a sale by weight.