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CONSTANT FEED - level control improves block and paver quality

Constant feed allows the block or paver machine's full potential to be attained all the time, reducing rejects and the need for machine supervision.  

Constant Feed is incorporated as an option in the BatchTron-II and III controllers.  Instead of merely dumping a new batch into the machine hopper, we feed it in at a carefully controlled rate, holding the level constant.  The block machine receives mix at a constant pressure, giving even feed into the mould.  This improves the quality of the product.

Constant Feed requires a holding hopper under the mixer discharge plus a conveyor belt to the block machine hopper.  A level sensor measures the level in the machine hopper, sending a signal to the BatchTron controller which in turn controls the conveyor motor, speeding it up or slowing it down to match the rate of usage in the block machine.  The result is constant level in the machine hopper, which guarantees the optimum conditions for block making..

The sensor

the Constant Feed level sensor controls the feed of material to block machines

A special ultrasonic level sensor is mounted above the machine hopper.  Its self-learning feature allows it to be set up  in any bin with an absolute minimum of adjustment.  Its output signal tells the controller what the level is in the hopper, allowing it to be adjusted to the correct height.




The conveyor

Any belt conveyor which uses a three phase electric or pneumatic drive can be converted by means of a VFD (variable frequency drive) or pneumatic proportional controller.  This regulates the speed of the belt to fill the hopper at the same rate as the material is used.

The controller

Constant Feed is normally supplied as part of the BatchTron batch controller, where it is a low cost option.  If you don't have a BatchTron, it can still be provided in a small stand-alone PLC at modest cost.

The batching process

The BatchTron controller delivers mixed concrete to the holding hopper when its level falls below a set height, as measured with a simple electrical probe.  The conveyor belt runs the mix from this hopper to the machine hopper.  The holding hopper and mixer must be capable of providing a relatively uninterrupted flow of material between batches.

The cost

Since every block and paver plant is different, prices will vary.  Use our direct response form for a fast estimate with no obligation.