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BATCHTRON I - the little batch controller with big performance

Get best value out of your plant by running it with the best controls.  Re-engineered from the top down, BatchTron I has all the features that make its bigger brothers so powerful and easy to use, while keeping the cost to an absolute minimum.  From ready-mix to portable and products plants, BatchTron I gives you outstanding value for money.  Now with a color touch screen.

New color touch screen 

We have upgraded BatchTron I with a 7" color touch screen touch screen, larger than the previous 5.8",  with clear animated graphics to picture your plant as it operates, making it even easier to use.  Several languages are available. Due to advancements in touch screen technology, this all takes place without any increase in cost.

Touch and go

Load a formula, choose the batch size and press GO.  It’s that easy to make a batch.  Everything else is automatic.  Or touch a feed button to feed aggregates into the scale.  Touch the discharge button to discharge the scale.  Start or stop the mixer; on-screen buttons allow individual automatic or manual operation of every function, not just one AUTO/MAN switch that forces you to run manually when a fault occurs.  This allows minor breakdowns like faulty limit switches to be bypassed without affecting the rest of the system and keeps you running automatically except for the one function that you bypassed.  Now you can program sequences of different formulas too;  for instance, different colored mixes for block and pavers.

Enter, retrieve, modify and copy formulas from one memory location to another.  Modify ingredients or formulas on the fly.  It’s fast, accurate and easy with BatchTron’s touch keyboard.