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BATCHTRON II - features

Accuracy and speed

BatchTron-II performs automatic tolerance checks on all ingredients and is totally self-tuning for fast, precise batching every time.  Over a period of several batches it adjusts the opening and closing of clam gates and butterfly valves to obtain the required accuracy at the highest speed.  It has automatic moisture compensation for aggregates, delivers separate formulas and batch sizes to different user stations, has programmable alarms for plant functions such as mixer running, gates and doors sticking, programmable timers for adjusting mixer ingredient sequencing and many other things. BatchTron-II can be calibrated in English or Metric, and can report in both units when required.

Overshoot correction - system automatically trims all ingredients to keep mix design constant.  Water manual adjust by water/cement ratio window.

Alarm messages

Hundreds of programmable alarms for plant functions such as conveyors and mixer not running, gates and doors sticking.  Alarms shut down operation until you verify that the fault has been cleared.  They help your operator find the problem quickly.


The BatchTron-II batch controller's front panel has only two manual switches - POWER circuit breaker and EMERGENCY STOP push button.  All other functions, such as material feeds and conveyor belts, are controlled from graphic touch pads on the screen.  The two or three full-load-cell scales, water and admix meters are all displayed on the touch screen, eliminating the need for separate indicators. A powerful Omron PLC controls material feeders, discharges scales and runs the mixer, allowing true "hands-off" operation.  Because the heart of the system is an industrial PLC - not a frail computer - BatchTron is truly rugged and will run for many years without service of any kind.

Real power, plus reliability in a small package.


Operation is simplicity itself.  Like the pages of a book, BatchTron-II's many screens unfold at the touch of a finger.  The "page" arrows at the corner of every screen carry you through the control screens to menus for every function.

The BatchTron family even protects your operation after a power failure by returning to the point where it stopped, ready for you to press the GO button and start the plant machinery again.  All these features and much more make BatchTron the best value ever in batching systems.

New features:

BatchTron-II is a truly simple-to-use batching system with all the features of expensive, computer controlled systems at a fraction of the cost.  It uses an industrial PLC, not a computer, for rock solid performance and tremendous reliability as well as impressive batching power. It operates completely automatically at high speed and can also be run manually or part manually when the need arises.

Of the hundreds of  BatchTron and other PLC systems in service over 20 years, only two PLCs and 3 touch screens have ever failed.