Scale-Tron, automation, sensors and weighing systems

BATCHTRON III - specifications

Ingredients and scales: 30 ingredients standard, mix of solids and liquids with unlimited number of scales
Mixers and associated equipment: Unlimited number of mixers, holding hoppers, conveyors, feeders etc.
Screen type / size: 12" (305mm) Omron TFT touch screen with multiple pages of operator screens etc.
PLC type / size: Omron PLC with modular type I/O slots, number of I/O to suit application
Cabinet - wall mount: Rittal, NEMA-4 construction one or two door, sized to suit application
Cabinet - wall mount/console: Rittal, NEMA-4 construction wall mount with separate desk console for operator
Cabinet - floor standing console: Rittal, NEMA-4 construction 32" to 57" wide (813 to 1448 mm) x 51" (1300mm) high x 33" (850mm) deep
Meets standards: UL, Canadian UL, RoHS compliant
Power: 115 or 240 volts AC
Outputs: Relay contacts wired for 115/240VAC or 24VDC operation, as required
Inputs: Solid state 115/240VAC or 24VDC operation, as required
Scale inputs: Direct load cell inputs with connection to PLC and weight display on touch screen
Alarm messages: Unlimited number (typical 200) of numbered mesages for every fault condition
Mixing cycles: 4 or 8 separate sequences of discharge to mixer based on formula in use