Scale-Tron, automation, sensors and weighing systems

BATCHTRON III - applications

BatchTron-III meets the standards of PCI, NPCA, NRMCA and other associations for concrete plant certification. 


Mixer and skip hoist controls, moisture meter interface, batch reports, totals reports, modem, multiple scales, slump meter and mixer moisture meter for water control, plant maintenance program, memory cassette, time and date, demand and mixer cleanout stations, radio call, bin level sensors, load cells and more. See menu for more information.

Hookup to Startup

Installation can be accomplished by any electrician familiar with industrial control systems.  Connect to console models with multi-conductor flexible cable, to allow it to be moved for the best operator position, Teck or conduit for wall-mounted cabinets.  We recommend our personnel be present during scale calibration and startup;  this ensures that operator training is accomplished and any on-site changes are completed before we leave, to ensure your satisfaction.

Although you can do the startup yourself once your designated technician has been factory trained, we recommend that our personnel be on-hand to avoid costly delays due to simple and easily solved problems.

STI (Service and Training by Internet)

BatchTron's lifetime and reliability are by far the best in the industry.  This is not where we stop, however.  Our customers tell us - loud and clear - when they do have a problem.  In order to solve problems quickly and efficiently we have called upon the latest Internet technology.  Through your company network and its Internet connection, or even through a phone connection to the Internet, we can access your batching system and monitor its progress to pinpoint faults.  Even if the faults are caused by mechanical problems in the plant (90% of all faults are), we can see the resulting holdup and guide the operator to a successful outcome, anywhere in the world.

Our engineers can monitor or control the PC computer running BatchLink or RediLink software, drilling down through levels of menus to check setup data, correct it and, most important, train personnel to understand the processes.  Together with a speaker phone, training sessions for groups can be conducted almost as easily as our trainer being on site.  The cost saving and convenience is obvious.  Scale-Tron is pioneering this technology to make your experience the best possible.

Installation examples

Thalle Construction, Kentucky Dam project, 2011:  Two-mixer plant to supply concrete for a new lock.  This was a US Army Corps of Engineers project with very tight control of mix designs and concrete quality.  A wet belt cooling system for the aggregates was controlled separately by the BatchTron II custom aggregate system seen on the center console in the picture.

Several similar installations are in use at dam sites throught the U.S and Central America.

Hanson Pipe and Precast, New Orleans:  See picture at top of page.  Two twin shaft mixers discharging via dual discharge doors and conveyors to three casting machines, each requiring different mix designs and moisture are controlled by the two-screen BatchTron III with aggregate and mixer moisture sensing and control.  System installed 2007, is operating non-stop with practically no maintenance calls.

Con Cast Pipe, Guelph Ontario:  See pictures on other pages or click for CPI editorial.  Two pan mixers discharging via two doors each onto two transverse belts and three delivery belts to three casting machines, all using the same mix design and accepting batches as they are ready on a first come - first served basis.  Aggregate moisture sensing and mixer moisture control.  System installed 2001, has operated non-stop since and has never been halted for breakdown of control system.  Maintenance has been very minimal.