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AquaMix MIXER MOISTURE SENSOR - microwave accuracy

The AquaMix digital microwave on-line sensor is highly sensitive to moisture changes in the mixer.  Installed in the concrete mixer floor or wall, it measures the material as it is mixed, passing the ever-changing moisture value to the control system for measurement and control.  The AquaMix sensor's faceplate has to endure the harsh abrasion of the aggregates as they mix;  consequently, it uses high-tech Silicon Nitride ceramic, almost diamond hard and extremely tough.  AquaMix's faceplate is harder, thicker and tougher  than anything else in the industry.  It lasts for the life of the sensor, making it the toughest, longest lasting microwave sensor.

Windows Graphic User Interface makes setup and calibration fast and easy - see AquaSense GUI for details.

Mixer mounts

The AquaMix sensor's standard mount is a square plate that is welded onto the outer surface of the mixer, with threaded rods that engage with the sensor's flange.  Nuts on these rods move the sensor up or down to level its faceplate as the mixer's liner wears.  A special epoxy "Super grout" fills the gap around the sensor, preventing stones being caught and chipping the faceplate.

The Glider Mount for rotating pan mixers is an elegant solution to a difficult problem.  The AquaMix Glider acts like a ski or toboggan, allowing the sensor to glide on the surface of the mix while measurements are being taken.  When measurement is finished, the Glider lifts out of the mix, reducing wear and buildup until it is time to measure the next batch.  The "ski" holds the sensor faceplate at a constant downward pressure in the mix, controlling density and eliminating air pockets that destroy accuracy.  The result is a highly stable, accurate reading that allows fast assessment of the moisture either before or during the addition of water.

The ski is fabricated from chromium carbide cladded steel, giving wear similar to the AquaMix's Silicon Nitride faceplate and ensuring many years of service before replacement.  When service is required, all parts are replaceable.