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BATCHLINK ORDER ENTRY - ready-mix management software

The way you always hoped it would be - Pure and Simple!

BatchLink Order Entry upgrades your BatchTon batching controller into a flexible and powerful single plant Ready-Mix operation, handing all your scheduling of orders, dispatching, truck management and inventory on a daily basis, as well as giving you reports on all important activities and, if you wish, tying into your accounting software.

The BatchTron controller connects to your existing or new PC computer by a single cable up to 4000 ft. long, or by radio link if desired, allowing batching by remote control. The BatchTron controller can still be used on its own, to make fully automatic batches, at any time.

See how easy it is - step by step from starting a job to dispatching loads and making reports.

With BatchLink plus your imagination, your company will save money and increase profits.


BatchLink comes with the database built in.  Batch reports no longer have to be printed on the spot;  they are stored in the computer and can be printed when you want them. If you need a different report format - for instance, to print delivery tickets on your own pre-printed forms, just make a report format for the job.  It's as easy as word processing.  As you use BatchLink you will see new possibilities and create ideas. You can develop spreadsheets and reports to suit your particular needs. Sort records to find and print batches from a month or a year ago.  Choose immediate report printing, end of day printing or storage on disk. At the end of day, check production totals, material usage and inventory. 

With BatchLink plus your imagination, your company will save money and increase profits.


BatchLink is, surprisingly, very inexpensive. Use your own PC computer;  BatchLink's installation software runs automatically and sets everything up for you. AND IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE A BATCHTRON batching controller, BATCHLINK IS ONE MORE REASON TO GET ONE. The BatchTron cable plugs right into your computer and you are ready to go. See Quick Request on the menu or call us for prices and more details.